Restaurant Review: Café du Trocadéro, Paris, France


With my business travel being mostly limited to Canada, and MrsWT73’s business travel being more international in nature, she’s had the fortunate opportunity to visit France several times over the course of her business travelling career. It’s usually the case that she’s travelling on her own, so when the opportunity presented for us to return to Paris, France, she’d have an opportunity to present some of her restaurant finds to me during a joint visit. She delivered me to the Café du Trocadéro for a snack, in a region of Paris that I’d never had the opportunity to visit before. How would our bistro visit fare?

This post is one chapter on our trip to Jordan, Israel and France during the end of the pandemic. This trip was enhanced through Marriott Bonvoy Elite Status, Hertz Gold Plus Rewards and Alaska Mileage Plan. For more information on how this trip was booked, please see our trip introduction here. For other parts of the trip, please see this index.

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Restaurant Review: Café du Trocadéro, Paris, France

Occasionally, you get to discover a restaurant as a result of the travel explorations with your partner. MrsWT73 has been fortunate to have travelled throughout Paris, France for business reasons and had always visited the Café du Trocadéro on her trips through Paris.

In the spirit of exploration, we would get the opportunity to visit for the first time together on this trip.

About Café du Trocadéro:

The Café du Trocadéro is well positioned across from the Place du Trocaéero, les Jardins du Trocadéro and le Palais de Chaillot. This area is known for it’s stupendous Effiel Tower vistas and views.

The café can easily be located almost immediately across the street from these wonderful views.

Locating the Café du Troacdéro, Paris:

The Café du Troacdéro is located immediately across from le Place du Trocadéro and the Palais de Chaillot in Central Paris, France.

It is conveniently located next to the Trocadéro Metro station which offers easy access.

We ended up walking from L’Arc de Triomphe through the neighbourhoods in order to visit.

The Terrace is split into two areas. There is one that is immediately attached to the restaurant. The second one is across the sidewalk and is a touch closer to the views. The second area is closer to the traffic circle, so there is a slight trade off with noise compared to slightly better photographs.

During our fall visit, dining was offered in the bistro between the hours of 7 AM and 2:00 AM. Given the operating hours, the atmosphere tends to be lively with people there at all hours.


On the Café de la Paix Menu:

The Café du Troacadéro offers a wide ranging menu of your french bistro favourites.

The usual appetizer favourites appear on the starter menu, such as 12 escargot de Bourgoune and Foie Gras de Canard. In terms of main courses, the tartare de boeuf haché and the entrecôte de boeuf both looked appealing from a savoury perspective.

Most appealing is the snack chich menu that offers bar snacks. The Hot Dog, Croque Monsieur / Madame, Avocado Toast and le Club Sandwich all make a “familiar favourites” an appearance here.

The Café du Troacadéro also offered a very wide range of wines by the glass. They offered over over twenty different varieties, which was pretty good for any bistro. There was also an extensive cocktail list, which seemed to be pretty popular amongst visitors.

The menu offered something for everyone . While there wasn’t any english version of the menu available, we didn’t have any challenges ordering with my basic french language skills.


The Meal: Café Supper

Since MrsWT73 was on nostalgia lane, we stopped in for a simple snack. We were able to get a table outside under these fall weekend temperatures to enjoy a little of the Paris atmosphere and lifestyle.

It was a simple glass of Bourgone Haute Cotes des Nuites white wine for me, and a Côtes de Provence Rose AOC (pour madame) for MrsWT73.

Between the two of us, we split a terrific croque monsieur sandwich off the snack chic menu. It was pretty tasty. I’m not exactly sure why these taste so great in France, but they sure are memorable and a great snack filler.

The service from staff was really efficient, and we were promptly waited on without any concerns or issues. The people watching from this particular outdoor location was pretty good, with all types of Parisians visiting during our late afternoon weekend visit.

After snacks, we had a walk over to the Effiel Tower and a slow Seine Cruise on the Bateau Mouches prior to returning to The Westin Paris – Vendôme for the evening.

My Thoughts on Café du Trocadéro:

In our relationship, it’s usually me that discovers and researches new restaurants and attractions to visit. In this particular bistro, it was MrsWT73 that discovered a great find worthy of our time in Paris, France.

The Café du Trocadéro offered great bar food, a terrific selection of wines and pretty neat views with the Eiffel Tower peeking through the concourse of the Trocadéro Gardens. Sometimes, it’s better to rely on your partner for things to see. In this light, I was happy to be introduced to a new restaurant courtesy of my spouses’ business travels.

If you have visited the Café du Trocadéro, what brings you back here over other places ?

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