Restaurant Review: Al Mohandes Cafeteria, Aqaba, Jordan


There are times when you aim to see a local restaurant off the tourist trail. During our time staying in Aqaba, Jordan, we searched out and discovered the Al Mohandes Cafeteria. With the goal of testing out some great Jordanian hummus, we ended up enjoying an authentic local dinner in Aqaba. Read on to see how our experience was…

This post is one chapter on our trip to Jordan, Israel and France during the end of the pandemic. This trip was enhanced through Marriott Bonvoy Elite Status, Hertz Gold Plus Rewards and Alaska Mileage Plan. For more information on how this trip was booked, please see our trip introduction here. For other parts of the trip, please see this index.

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Restaurant Review: Al Mohandes Cafeteria, Aqaba, Jordan

While I don’t normally review independent restaurant locations under the family category, I couldn’t help but review Al Mohandes Cafeteria. With the goal of trying out some authentic Jordanian hummus, we were easily attracted by Al Mohandes’ reputation for offering great hummus at a reasonable price.

About Al Mohandes Cafeteria:

The Al Mohandes Cafeteria is located in downtown Aqaba, Jordan. It is located in a neighbourhood just off the main street Al Hussein – Bin Ali Street which also serves as the main access from the Kings’ Highway into Aqaba, Jordan.

Al Mohandes is about as authentic as a local cafeteria comes. It’s entirely unpretentious and about as straight forward and utilitarian as you can imagine. You won’t find fine linens here, and you’ll be seated on plastic chairs you might expect on the patio of your first apartment.

Locating Al Mohandes Cafeteria:

The Al Mohandes Cafeteria is located near the tourist district. We were able to walk over from Al Manara, A Luxury Collection Hotel, Saraya Aqaba. It took us about a fifteen minute walk from the hotel, and we were able to easily find the cafeteria in a residential neighbourhood just steps from Al Hussein – Bin Ali Street.

The Al Mohandes Cafeteria is pretty evident to find, once you’ve identified what you happen to be looking for. It is located in the ground floor of a white brick building inset from the sidewalk.

In addition to sit down dining, there are take away order counters that are accessible from the sidewalks. English menus are available on request, and I found the staff to be quite helpful.

There does happen to be english signage in the corner, just to the left of the general entrance.

After ensuring we were in the correct place, we ended up heading inside for a self service supper time meal.


Inside Al Mohandes:

We entered inside Al Mohandes cafeteria. It’s worth mentioning that the cafeteria only allows men to to sit and dine on the ground floor. Since I was travelling with MrsWT73, we were politely directed upstairs to the upper floor.

I didn’t really take any issues with respect to this. Although, I must admit that MrsWT73 found it a little off putting. I make the mistake of scientifically answering “This is their custom” which probably didn’t help my circumstances (laughing).

I returned down for an order taken on an old fashioned notepad from an english menu.

The Meal: Tasty Bowls of Hummus & Falafel

Al Mohandes offers tasty bowls of hummus. There are several variations available. We were able to order some spiced with sumac. I ordered some with chicken overtop.

We were also able to order some exceptionally tasty falafel to go along with tonight’s dinner. Pita breads were also served to accompany on the side.

The check for two was 10 JOD ($14 USD), which was exceptionally reasonable for a dinner in the middle of touristy Aqaba, Jordan. I paid cash to the cashier who was manning a separate cash table near the exit. Given the cafeteria orientation, it didn’t have a credit card option.

The Al Mohandes Cafeteria was a terrific local option for a tasty bowl of hummus. Thanks to it’s convenient location near many hotels in Aqaba, Jordan, you might find yourself in this neighbourhood if you’re looking for some tasty hummus when you pass through Jordan.

My Thoughts on Al Mohandes Cafeteria:

I always try to make an effort to visit a local restaurant when I travel overseas.

The Al Mohandes Cafeteria was the break from the usual tourist trail restaurants. Our visit was authentic enough that we were able to enjoy a local experience, along with the segregated dining that sometimes comes from eating in this particular part of the world.

If you have visited Aqaba, Jordan, do you have any special restaurant finds that are worth sharing ?

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