Restaurant Review: 13 Coins SeaTac Airport – My Favourite Long Layover Restaurant


A Long Layover at an airport can be a welcomed or completely un-welcomed thing. Whenever I pass through Seattle Tacoma International Airport in Washington – United States of America, it’s typically a welcomed thing as I’m usually headed off somewhere good. Zipping down from Vancouver – Canada, I’ve frequently found myself on five hour connections in Seattle, Washington between airlines. The 13 Coins Seattle Tacoma Restaurant remains among my most favourite layover restaurants globally. Read on to see how our visit was on our most recent five hour connection…

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Restaurant Review: 13 Coins SeaTac Airport- My Favourite Long Layover Restaurant at SeaTac Airport.

At times, you end up with a long layover at an airport looking for something to do. Given that many airports are usually located in the middle of nowhere, it’s not very often that you get the opportunity to leave the airport for something close by.

We arrived into Sea-Tac Airport on our usual Alaska Airlines Vancouver – Seattle flight and had about five hours to kill off prior to our Icelandair Saga Premium Business Class Seattle – Reykjavík flight. While we didn’t have on Icelandair boarding cards, we could have spent some time at the American Express Centurion Lounge Seattle, assuming we could have checked in. Unfortunately, the check in counter was completely empty, and we had difficulties checking in online with the online Icelandair App.

As a result, it was off to 13 Coins Sea-Tac in order to burn up a few hours on this Seattle layover.

About 13 Coins Restaurants:

The 13 Coins Sea-Tac Restaurant markets itself as an upscale casual restaurant featuring an exhibition kitchen along with friendly servers. The 13 Coins restaurant chain operates three restaurants throughout Seattle, Bellvue and its Sea-Tac location.

The 13 Coins Restaurants have been operating in Seattle, Washington, USA since 1967. They have provided a great venue for entertaining over this time. I’ve visited on several occasions both for lunch, and for those munchies after last call at the bar, on my visits to Seattle.

Locating 13 Coins SeaTac Restaurant:

The 13 Coins Sea Tac Restaurant is located just off the airport property at the south east end of the airport property. It’s a short walk from the north end of the terminal down a sloping (and not wholly covered) walkway.

At the end of the walkway, it’s a left turn and up half a block to the restaurant which is located in an office tower. I don’t usually have any issues doing this walk with luggage. The whole walk process typically takes about 10 – 15 minutes to get to the restaurant.

Although the sign outside advertisies 24 hour dining, at the time of our visit, the 13 Coins Sea Tac was open between 6AM – 2 AM or twenty hour dining.


Inside 13 Coins Sea Tac:

After we arrived to the 13 Coins Sea Tac, we had to add our name to a short wait list. We were promised a table within 15 minutes, although it ended up being much less than that, and we were seated after about 7 minutes wait. We waited outside in the sunshine and were conveniently notified by text message to our international mobile.

We deposited our bags in the locked “luggage room”. The 13 Coins Sea Tac is really set up for this with a luggage room near the front reception. While the room is locked and opened on request, your bags are left in there unattended. It’s better than a general unmanned luggage area and we didn’t have any issues with leaving our bags (keeping our laptops with us).

The 13 Coins Sea Tac is a dark American style restaurant with high booth and counter top seating. We elected for counter top seating. We were led into the high bar seats along a long counter top.

The chairs were of a Captain’s Chair swivel variety and offered a high back seating style. MrsWT73 enjoyed the seats, as she settled in to kill off our long layover.

On the 13 Coins Menu:

We were visiting during late breakfast hour at around 11 AM. The 13 Coins Sea Tac offers an expansive breakfast menu. There are heaps of Starters, Eggs and Omelettes and Classic Breakfast items that included Chicken and Waffles, French Toast and Monte Cristo’s.

For those looking for something a little more on the lunch side, there are also the usual favourites. They include Veal Marsala, Roasted Salmon, Chicken Fettucine. There are also a whole heap of cheeseburgers, reuben sandwiches and blackened chicken sandwiches.

Being a licensed premise, there are also a whole heap of speciality cocktails and other drinks. Admittedly, I just enjoyed a bottomless cup of coffee for this morning visit.

The menu itself was pretty expansive, and there was more than enough to choose from on the menu itself.

The 13 Coins Restaurant also offered free wifi; perfect for us Canadian International visitors that didn’t have international roaming on our cell phones during our short visit to the United States.

The Meal: Breakfast

Given that I never turn away a good breakfast, I enjoyed a fully Bacon and Eggs Breakfast. I enjoyed this with the optional Carpaccio Italian Sausage (spicy) at no extra charge. It also included some man grilled shredded hashbrowns, something that I’d welcome anytime for breakfast.

MrsWT73 went light on the breakfast and enjoyed a traditional French Onion Soup. It was heavy on the onions and cheese and didn’t feature a whole lot of broth.

Overall, I was pretty satisfied with the meal. There was an expansive menu with more than enough to choose from.

The check for two was $55 USD, which was likely a reasonable alternative than a paid lounge entry fee for two; dependent on whether or not you hold a premium credit card that includes lounge access.

We headed off from the 13 Coins Sea Tac onto the Club at SEA Lounge “S” Concourse and onwards to an Icelandair Saga Premium Business Class Seattle – Reykjavík flight. By filling up in advance, our appetites were in check prior to getting onto our international trans-continental flight.

My Thoughts on 13 Coins Sea – Tac Restaurant:

The 13 Coins Restaurant Sea Tac remains one of my most favourite ways to kill a long layover at Sea Tac International Airport. It remains my favourite airport layover restaurant worldwide.

While you wouldn’t necessarily visit here if you only had three hours between flights, if you have a longer layover or connection, it’s a great place to visit to burn off a little time.

If you have visited Sea-Tac International Airport, what do you do to kill off a long layover ?

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