Review: American Airlines Business Class A319, Los Angeles – Vancouver


There is quite a bit of choice of carriers that offer service to and from Canada. Our flight today was on American Airlines Business Class from Los Angeles to Vancouver. Departing a One World hub, you’d expect a certain level of service and quality in the flight. Ultimately, we’d have a bit of an odd dining experience on this flight. Read on to see how the flight fared…

This post is one chapter on our trip during the pandemic to Curaçao in the Southern Caribbean. This trip was enhanced through Marriott Bonvoy Elite Status and Hertz Gold Plus Rewards. For more information on how this trip was booked, please see our trip introduction here. For other parts of the trip, please see this index.

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Review: American Airlines Business Class A319, Los Angeles International Airport – Vancouver International Airport

This is our second time flying this particular route between Los Angeles and Vancouver on American Airlines. For our last review, please see our earlier review and experience of flying American Airlines Business Class Los Angeles – Vancouver.

We arrived into Los Angeles International Airport on American Airlines First Class Miami – Los Angeles and pulled up to Gate 55 in Terminal 5. We took the short walk over to Terminal 4 Los Angeles.

We had about a one hour and ten minute connection. I dropped MrsWT73 at the American Airlines Admirals Club Los Angeles Terminal 4, while I headed over to the American Express Pop Up Centurion Studio Los Angeles in the Tom Bradley International Terminal.

The American Airlines Admirals Club Los Angeles in Terminal Four has been subdivided since my last visit to make way for the American Airlines Flagship Lounge Los Angeles which is co-located in the same space. While I’ve reviewed the American Airlines Admirals Club Los Angeles before, it is essentially the same product in half the space with updated furniture.

We eventually boarded the flight at Gate 49A, which was a bit of a crowded boarding experience. This has been pretty common for flights leaving out of Los Angeles, given the design of the airport.

Boarding at Los Angeles
American Airlines
AA 1719 – Business Class (I)
LAX – YVR (Los Angeles International Airport – Vancouver International Airport)
April 6, 2022
9:59 AM – 12:57 PM
Booked: Airbus 319
Flown: Airbus 319

On Board American Airlines Business Class:

American Airlines Business Class on the Airbus 319 is in a 2 – 2 configuration. As among it’s smallest narrow body planes, it offers just two rows of business class across 8 seats in the cabin. You’ve have to go down to their regional jets in a Bombardier CRJ-900 to find a smaller “up front” cabin with 6 seats.

American Airlines Business Class A319 Cabin
American Airlines Business Class A319 Cabin
American Airlines Business Class A319 Cabin

 Today’s cabin was completely full with 8 out of 8 seats occupied. The American Airlines A319 offered individual air nozzles, which allowed for a maximum of comfort. There were no in seat back television monitors, so bringing your own entertainment device was essential.

American Airlines Business Class A319 – Missing Entertainment Screens
American Airlines A319 – Air Nozzles

Pre – Departure Services:

We were offered a pre-departure beverage choice of water or orange juice with ice as served from a tray. It was a nice touch as we hadn’t received any pre-departure beverages on several of our past flights on this trip.

American Airlines Business Class – Pre Departure Water

There was a pre-flight announcement from the captain that announced the sequence of the “in flight” service. It announced a meal in business and a buy on board service for economy class. Surprisingly, there was no alcohol available for purchase in economy class with drinks in ecomony limited to water, coffee, tea and soft drinks.

Departing Los Angeles:

We departed Los Angeles on time with a departure out on Runway 26. This took us well over the Pacific Coast and eventually northwards towards northern California.

Departing Los Angeles International Airport
Views from the Wing: Los Angeles Coast Line

As we got underway, we had a familiar towel service. It was a nice touch for otherwise a shorter flight.

The Meal: A Light Lunch.

Despite this being only a two hour and forty five minute flight, a full meal service was offered. The meal choices today were a Pastrami Sandwich or a Greek Salad served along side a light potato salad in a double salad combination.

We started with a glass of white wine and a mixed nut combination.

American Airlines Business Class – Pre Lunch Wine

The Potato Salad was wonderful. However the Pastrami Sandwich was almost inedible. It was presented in the form of something only my eleven year old would have approached and, unfortunately, it tasted downright processed with artificial tasting meat, processed bread and bland American cheese. I’m not usually one for passing up on food on airlines but I left this one half finished for a change.

American Airlines Business Class – Pastrami Lunch
American Airlines Business Class – Pastrami Lunch

MrsWT73 enjoyed the Greek Salad and Potato Salad combination. The greek salad looked a lot better than my pastrami lunch.

American Airlines Business Class – Greek Salad Lunch Combination
American Airlines Business Class – Greek Salad Lunch Combination

Instead of the Pastrami Sandwich, I happened to have a takeaway box from the American Express Centurion Studio Pop Up Lounge Los Angeles. I ended up enjoying that instead of the on board catering. The American Airlines Centurion catering was much more edible.


Views from the Wing:

We passed Mount Shasta in Northern California. Through the flight, there were regular offers of drink refilled worded in a manner of “can I get you anything else?”

Views from the Wing: Mount Shasta – California

We had an inflight announcement from our pilot as we passed Crater Lake in Oregon which was looking particularly beautiful with snow crusted around it.

Views from the Wing: Crater Lake – Oregon
Views from the Wing: Mount Shasta – California

We approached the Pacific Northwest, where I was always reminded of how beautiful it looks in the spring and summer time. The San Juan Islands of Washington State were gorgeous and people had their watercraft out for an early start to the boating season.

Views from the Wing: The Pacific Northwest San Juan Islands, Washington State

As the flight wound down to the end, we were personally thanked by our flight attendant for flying with American Airlines today. It was a nice touch that isn’t always replicated even if it may be in the service delivery script.

American Airlines A319 on the Ground at Vancouver International Airport

We arrived into Vancouver at Gate E79. We passed through the Pacific Coastal Gateway feature that offers the sounds of squawking birds, wild life and other Pacific Northwest nature sounds that set the mood for an arrival into Canada.

Arriving to Vancouver International Airport

For the first time, the International Arrivals hall was completely deserted. We were cleared by Canada Customs in the Nexus lane. Despite this, the Canada Border Services Agency didn’t like the look of the straw hat that I was wearing and identified me for a random Covid 19 test on arrival.

I had to perform a PCR test on arrival in the Arrivals’ Concourse of the International Airport. It took only about 10 minutes to process all the paperwork, and thankfully, I did not have to quarantine until the test results were received.

A Deserted Customs Clearance Hall at Vancouver International Airport
Using Nexus to Gain Expedited Entry into Canada

My Thoughts on American Airlines Business Class Transborder Service:

The American Airlines A319 Business Class flight between Los Angeles and Vancouver was pretty uneventful. The surprise for this flight was the abysmal catering. While I don’t expect a completely outstanding experience, this was the first time in a while that the food quality service was pretty inedible.

If you travel between the United States and Canada, is there a carrier that you prefer over another ?

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