Thanks To My Readers on the Two Year Anniversary of World Traveller 73


The days during the pandemic were long but the years were certainly short. It boggles my mind that it’s now been two years since we launched the website .

As in years past, I just wanted to take a moment to recognize you, our readers, that make these stories successful.

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Thanks to my Readers on the Two Year Anniversary of World Traveller 73

How we got started:

When the pandemic started, we had lots of spare time. Although we only had about 6 weeks of hard lockdowns in British Columbia, Canada, we all suddenly had a lot of extra time on our hands. All our personal and business travel was immediately switched off, and despite chasing and pursuing loyalty status and travel for well over a decade, we suddenly found my wings completely clipped for the first time in about fifteen years. Going from seventy to eight thousand miles per year to seventeen thousand flown was a stark skid across the tarmac as all travel ground to a full halt.

Why We Got Started:

I had been writing for websites for almost eleven years now and, being a keen photographer, had accumulated over fifty thousand travel photos. The pandemic gave us a break in our day to day lives. It seemed like finally a great time to take ownership of some of those experiences and put them in an easily organized area where it could inspire and benefit others for travel. Often, I found that it’s the insights into how a trip was put together that make the travel that much easier to plan.

Who is Reading World Traveller 73?

The simple answer to this question is “pretty much everyone”. We’ve been fortunate enough to have readers over the last year from an outstanding 194 different countries and territories. The bulk of our readers are in the thousands and are from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia (in that order).

Why Travel is Rewarding:

As a child from first generation Canadians, I grew up travelling from Canada to Asia and Canada to Europe. This inspired a love of travel and seeking new experiences. As a child, seeing split flap displays in the Hong Kong Kai Tak airport fascinated me of a world out there that was vastly different than my own.

Watching Displays like this got me hooked on International First Class Travel:

Qantas First Class Lounge – Sydney International Airport

Thanks to collecting miles and points, we were able to experience travel around the world several times. We had used frequent flier points and hotel loyalty program points to fund outstanding adventures. With a little work, it was easy to leverage these opportunities into world class adventures.

Not to mention that experiencing something new in travel is pretty fun too. . .

The Sky is the Limit when Coming up with Travel Experiences:

It’s not that hard to dream up wonderful experiences. The sky is literally the limit.

Some of our more crazy ideas?

MrsWT73 wanted a great beach holidays, so we planned a trip to the atolls of the private islands of the Maldives, staying at the Park Hyatt Maldives.

There is nothing about that view that I don’t like!
Private Island Living at the Park Hyatt Maldives

MrsWT73 loves animals, so what’s better than a safari in Maasai Mara, Kenya and seeing lions prance across the savannah ?

Who doesn’t enjoyingsSpotting Packs of Lions
The Maasai Mara on Safari in Kenya

MrsWT73 also loves sun tanning and been in the heat, so what’s better than doing that in the middle of a desert oasis surrounded by a luxury hotel at Qsar Al Sarab Resort plunked in the middle of the sand dunes in the Liwa Oasis, United Arab Emirates?

Enjoying the Desert
Qsar Al Sarab, United Arab Emirates

Almost anything is possible in the world of points and miles. It only takes a little research and creativity to make it happen.

Why travel reviews are important:

Hotel and Airline websites all promise the lustre of real travel. As a rental property owner myself, properties always market themselves in order to put their best foot forward in order to make their property more appealing. But what if the real experience doesn’t meet what is promised? What if the beach isn’t as spectacular as pictured? What is the Ocean View isn’t actually a view at all?

Why pay for this Ocean Front View?

This view is appealing

When you Get this Ocean View?

This one is not so much

It is always important to research where you’d like to stay, in order to maximize your travel value on your hard earned dollars. If anything else, you’ll be well informed as to what to expect when you arrive at your destination, in addition to perhaps saving a little time on things around the area.

A well written travel review can help you get a realistic idea of first hand travel experience.

Why track hacking is important:

The truth is, it doesn’t take all that much effort in order to adjust your patterns in order to reap travel benefits available to everyone. Much like spending the five to ten minutes a day watering a plant, spending the equivalent amount of time focusing your efforts on maximizing travel benefits can really pay off. Using the right credit card, by earning points in a transferable points program, or by carefully researching what is needed in order to achieve any travel objective.

Upgraded into Business Class from a Discounted Economy Class Ticket

We were able to upgrade an Air Canada Business Class Toronto – Lima flight, by using Aeroplan e-upgrades from a discounted economy class ticket.

Upgrades into Full Flat Seat Business Class, for the price of discounted economy

Having a 4 course meal in a Cathay Pacific First Class Suite:

We were able to redeem AAdvantage Miles earned from the Royal Bank Visa Avion Card into Cathay Pacific First Class.

Tasty Dinners at 30,000 feet
Cathay Pacific Seared Halibut with Krug Champagne

One of the Best Suite Upgrades Ever:

We were able to use Marriott Bonvoy Suite Night Awards for a stay in an ocean view JW Marriott Los Cabos Umey Suite.

One of my Best Suite Upgrades Ever:
JW Marriott Los Cabos Umey Suite valued at $800 USD a Night

Through some pretty simply tips and tricks, you can turn an average stay into a great stay.

My Thanks to Readers:

In the meantime, here’s is looking forward to more travel adventures ahead.

If you’ve just started this journey, you’ll soon be on your way to great travel experiences. All it takes is a little time in order to plan, organize and sort your travel.

If you’ve come along to the blog, thanks for being here.

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  1. Gorgeous pictures and congratulations on the blog anniversary. Looking forward to seeing where you get to next!


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