Plant Life from Around the World at Gardens by the Bay, Singapore


The Gardens by the Bay in Singapore is a newer attraction that is a great rainy day escape. The attraction offers visitors the ability to experience different plants and flowers in temperature controlled micro climates suitable of their environments. Despite being a rainy day attraction, it’s also a great good weather attraction as you can also take in the Super Tree Observatory Elevated Walkway just next door.

This post is one chapter on our trip to Bali and Singapore. This trip was redeemed through Lifemiles, AAdvantage and through Starwood Preferred Guest (Marriott Bonvoy) loyalty programs. For more information on how this trip was booked, please see our trip introduction here. For other parts of the trip, please see this index.

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Activity: Plant Life from Around the World at Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

“As one of Singapore’s most popular modern attractions, the Gardens by the Bay iconic super trees are not to be missed from your social media feeds “

We had a little under a week in Singapore with the three of us. MrsWT73 had three days before she had to return to work before me. It was enough time for her to take in some Orchard Road shopping, a trip to Gardens by the Bay, Clarke Quay, the Singapore Zoo, and a family visit to Newton Circus Hawker Center for an evening feast. Going to the hawker centers with Singaporeans has always been a terrific treat. You get to eat something authentic instead of the locals tourist special. Many people find Newton Circus to be touristy but I still enjoy it never the less.

Singapore still is a garden city and green is coming out almost everywhere; including the buildings.

Greenery Coming Out of the Building

Visiting Gardens by the Bay:

With the three of us, we started with a day trip to the domes at Gardens by the Bay. They are fairly new in the last 5 years. There are two domes, one is the Flower Dome and the other is the Cloud Forest Dome (rain forest). We didn’t opt to visit both of them, instead we took in the Cloud Forest dome and the nearby sky park.

The Sky Domes at Gardens by the Bay

Inside the Cloud Forest:

We entered into the cloud forest. It was a neat experience being in a glass atrium. I would imagine that it would be terrific if it were rain showering outside, although our visit today was under clear skies.

Cloud Forest Waterfall
Cloud Forest Waterfall

The domes are temperature controlled to replicate gardens in certain climates around the world. They’ve gotten more advanced from the botanical gardens of the seventies, in that in today’s generation, each elevation of the dome is zoned to a different temperature band and the plants that are typically found in those temperature bands. Access to the different areas is by elevator, with pathways that interconnect through the various levels.

Beautiful Flowers
Tropical Flowers
Walkways Under the Domes
Tropical Ponds (even if they are artificial)
Striking Contrast with Green against Glass

Iconic Super Trees and Observatory Walkways at Gardens by the Bay:

We left the domes and walked over to Gardens by the Bay. The iconic super trees and observatory walkways are artificial trees that have elevated walkways in them. They are contemporary in appearance, and are found in the shadow of the Marina Bay Sands Casino and Hotel. They’re usually found in many travellers social media feeds and are pretty unique to look at and photograph.

Elevated Walkways at Gardens by the Bay
Views of the Marina Bay Sands from the Elevated Walkways

I found the walkways themselves a little spooky for those that aren’t completely into heights. It’s a neat experience to walk around the artificial trees in a modern styled environment.

Views of the Marina Bay Sands at Gardens by the Bay

Despite the heights, they still make for some pretty cool photographs. These iconic super trees are so unique to contemporary Singapore that they should be on every travellers visit list.

Dinner at Clarke Quay:

We left the Gardens by the Bay, and headed over to Clarke Quay for a dinner. The weather finally co-operated a bit and cleared up for some nice sunset colour.

Although Clarke Quay is touristy, MrsWT73 and I have great memories of the outdoor wine bar at the Swissotel Merchant Court hotel that overlooks the river. We ended up there by chance on her first visit to Singapore in 2010 and, at that time, she was slightly horrified in spotting cockroaches flipping around at our feet while we enjoyed a Wolf’s Blass Chardonnay at the nearby wine bar. Now, she’s a pro at South East Asian travel and isn’t fussed by it a bit. We were able to relive our experience while WT73 Jr took in the view of the boats.

Overlooking Clarke Quay
WT73Jr Enjoying the View
MrsWT73 enjoying another crisp white wine
Clarke Quay Pubs and Restaurants
Clarke Quay: A Carnival Like Atmosphere

A food stall celebration was also set up during our visit. The bridge had been converted into Singapore food stall mayhem!

Hawker Center Food Stalls

Summary of our experience at The Gardens by the Bay:

The Gardens by the Bay are one of those tourist attractions that’s locally famous. While spending time in temperature controlled botanical gardens isn’t the most unique tourist attraction, what is unique are the iconic artificial super trees, which are is pretty individual to Singapore. These super trees were the highlight of our visit and no trip to visit Singapore would be complete with out stopping by to take a look.

If you’ve visited The Gardens by the Bay, did you find it worth a few good photographs?

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