Review: Plaza Premium Lounge, Vancouver International Airport Domestic Terminal “C”, Vancouver, BC


Plaza Premium has a strong foot print in Canada, serving many of the Canadian airports in its larger centres. One of the lounges that they operate is the quirky Plaza Premium Lounge in the Vancouver Domestic Terminal “C”. It’s unique as a small miniature lounge that seats approximately 25 people in an open air terminal concept.

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Review: Plaza Premium Lounge, Vancouver International Airport Domestic Terminal “C”, Vancouver, BC, Canada

“The Plaza Premium Domestic Lounge “C” Concourse at Vancouver Domestic offers a miniature lounge that is conveniently located, making it a great place for a short stop prior to your flight”

Plaza Premium operates a network of lounges around the world. There are currently thirty six cities they are in operation, including at four cities in Canada. The Canadian Lounges are located at Vancouver (Domestic Terminal “B” and Terminal “C”), Transborder and International, Edmonton Domestic, Winnipeg Domestic and Toronto Domestic Terminal 1 & Terminal 3, US Transborder at Terminal 1 & Terminal 3, and Toronto International at Terminal 1 & Terminal 3.

This review focuses on their miniature lounge at Vancouver Domestic Terminal “C”. Plaza Premium also operates their main Vancouver Domestic Lounge at Plaza Premium Domestic Terminal “B”.

For other Plaza Premium Lounges in the Vancouver International Airport, please see our visit to the Plaza Premium Transborder Lounge Vancouver International Airport and the Plaza Premium International Lounge Vancouver international Airport.

Locating the Lounge:

The Plaza Premium lounge is located in the domestic terminal at Vancouver International Airport. The airport itself is split into three fingers. This version of the lounge is located in Terminal “C” which is almost exclusively occupied as the Air Canada terminal for domestic departures. The lounge is located immediately after security “C” Gates security screening before Gate 29 as indicated in the map below, courtesy of the Vancouver International Airport website.

Plaza Premium Lounge Vancouver Domestic Terminal “C”

The lounge itself is very easy to locate. After security, it is immediately past the first nations art display before descending the escalators to the “C” Concourse.

Locating the Plaza Premium Lounge “C”

If you happen to be approaching from the “C” Concourse coming off a connecting flight, you’ll have a slightly different view, once you reach the top of the moving escalators.

Locating the Plaza Premium Lounge “C”
The Plaza Premium Lounge Reception Area

Accessing The Plaza Premium Lounge:

There are several ways to access the Plaza Premium Lounge.

The Plaza Premium Lounge accepts reservations for entry on it’s website. The reservations are split into blocks of time ranging from two, three and six hours and are priced at the time of writing at $39, $46.78 and $63 USD.

The Plaza Premium Lounge network also currently partners with several credit cards to provide access. This includes many credit cards worldwide, which include DragonPass, LoungeKey, LoungeClub, Priority Pass and the Club. You do not need to make a reservation while using these systems.

In North America, the lounge is also currently part of the American Express Global Lounge Collection, which offers a suite of lounges available for access with it’s premium American Express Platinum and Centurion Cards. Access can be granted by presenting one of these cards.

I typically access this lounge using the Priority Pass membership. At this location, the reception is in the same location as the food preparation area immediately behind the counter.

Plaza Premium Lounge Reception

For today’s visit, I was signed in with a scan of my Apple Wallet Priority Pass Card and a look at my boarding pass and was admitted without incident.

I have also had success using this place as an arrivals lounge after returning from a domestic flight. I’ve often signed in to set up on a lounge table to handle a few work emails and get a snack before the commute home. Since the lounge is located on the secure side, I’ve always been travelling with carry on luggage only when I’ve done this since the baggage claim is located on the public side. The Plaza Premium Lounges’ convenient location directly on the path to the exit has made this easy.

Lastly, there are times when this lounge closes in the early evening. While hours vary, it’s not unusual to find this location closed after 8 PM, in favour of its parent lounge a few steps away.

Inside the Plaza Premium Lounge:

The Plaza Premium Lounge Vancouver Domestic “C” is unique in the fact that it is an open air lounge (without walls) that sits in the concourse walkway similar to a concourse restaurant. It’s exceptionally easy to access this lounge since there is no elevator to navigate and after you’ve been admitted, you’re immediately into the lounge.

The lounge offers limited seating for about 25 people. Despite this, I’ve never seen it full or I’ve never had any challenges in getting a seat. It’s also worth noting that if you happen to see that this lounge is full or near capacity, you can easily visit the flagship Plaza Premium Lounge Vancouver Domestic “B” Concourse, that is a 5 minute walk away.

Lounge Chairs behind the Communal Long Table

The lounge has a bank of lounge chairs that face opposite to each other, followed by table seating arranged in either a table of four, or a table of two on the outer edges of the lounge.

Table Seating for Four

There is also a communal long table at the end of the bank tables, where I typically try to set up shop. The communal table offers a lot of counter space and is perfect for working.

The Dining Area
Looking Toward the Food Servery Area and Reception

The only other thing I would add is that the lounge offers strong day light thanks to large windows into the Vancouver International Airport Terminal. While it doesn’t offer direct apron views, spending time in the lounge is terrific thanks to an abundance of natural daylight.

Food and Beverage:

While this miniature version of the lounge offers a limited amount of snacks, the food has always been reasonable. The food at the Plaza Premium Vancouver is typically full serve, and you can verbally order a plate which will be presented or delivered, dependent on the method of operations. Since I visited and was traveling during the COVID-19 pandemic, on my visit, the food was delivered to table after I had ordered it.

Display Cabinets
Baked Goods

The lounge also offered Fairlee bottles for purchase at $3 CAD. The regular cranberry cocktail, orange or apple juice was dispensed from fountain towers.

The lounge also offered a traditional full service bar and beverage service. Given that I was on a work day, this wasn’t something that was of particular interest to me.

Liquor and Bar Snacks Available

Despite having breakfast earlier in the day, on today’s visit at 11:30 AM, I ordered a small snack plate of breakfast and was presented with a large prepared plate of scrambled eggs, sausages and hashbrowns. The lounge also had stir fry dishes available as a lunch item.

The Breakfast Snack at Plaza Premium


The miniature Plaza Premium Lounge is a nice compliment to travels through the Vancouver Airport domestic terminal. While it isn’t a place I would leave early to spend time in, it is exceptionally convenient for flights to and from the “C” Gates. It’s often a place I find myself stopping in as a matter of convenience, or when I don’t have access to the Air Canada Maple Leaf Vancouver Domestic Lounge just down the hallway. While you won’t be blown away by it’s setting or its amenities, the lounge does an exceptional job of making you feel welcome .

If you’ve visited this miniature Plaza Premium Lounge at Vancouver Domestic, did you find it worth your time?

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  1. Plaza premiun lounge in yvr international departure its hace the worthless woman working in the main entrance , it’s rude, she looking at me like I’m not human looking me like garbage she make me feel , and let her know the that’s not yhe way to treat a future customer the way how she was treated me, and she still yelled at me bad really bad experience get to that place with worker like her shy shut not work in customer service at all . Sorry for all of you if it’s been treated like thar too.


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