Review: Qantas Business Class B737-8, Adelaide – Sydney


We had a reliable and consistent short haul domestic flight on Qantas between Adelaide and Sydney. Our flights with Qantas were similar to flying in the golden age of flying. They were punctuated by terrific lounges, great in flight service and an actual meal in the sky that led you feeling full and refreshed. Our time flying the carrier with the red and white kangaroo on the tail was as special as could be, and gave us terrific memories of our time in Australia.

This post is one chapter in our trip to Australia on Air Canada & Qantas Business Class and United Airlines. This trip was booked using British Airways Executive Club Avios and Starwood Preferred Guest (Marriott Bonvoy) points. For more information on how this trip was booked, please see our trip introduction here. For other parts of the trip, please see this index.

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Review: Qantas Business Class B737-8, Adelaide – Sydney Kingford Smith, Australia.

We left The Qantas Club Lounge Adelaide at the announced boarding call in the lounge at T-25. Our gate today was straight across the concourse from the lounge at Gate 22. We used the priority boarding line that was not obviously marked but seemed to be useable at any time. We had a few more hassles at the gate for MrsWT73’s rollie (which was not relieved from her like mine was at check in), laptop bag and purse. Headphones were dispensed from a bin at the top of the ramp.

Business Class
ADL-SYD (Adelaide International – Sydney Kingford Smith Domestic Terminal 3)
QF730 – Business Class (I)
6:00 AM – 8:15 AM
December 2014
Booked: Boeing 737-800
Flown: Boeing 737-800

On Board Qantas Short Haul Business Class:

Once on board, we settled into the usual recliner Boeing 737-800 seats featured across Qantas’ short haul fleet. They are attired in a casual grey, which is a stark contrast from their lounges which feature vibrant reds, blacks and other contemporary patterns.

Qantas Business Class B737-8 Seats
Qantas Business Seats

Pre-Departure Services:

A pre-departure beverage was offered of water or sweet lemon juice, which we enjoyed while parked next to other Qantas airframes at the Adelaide International Airport.

Pre-Departure Drink
Parked Next to Qantas Airframes

We had quick taxi out to the departure runway on this damp morning and we were airborne before we knew it. 

Taxi to Take Off
Jetstar B737’s holding at the Apron

We had great views of the Adelaide Coast on our southwestern departure track from runway 23, as we headed up to cruise altitude.

A climb to altitude over the golf courses of Adelaide
Leaving the Coast Line Behind

Entertainment on Board:

As with our flight out, our cabin didn’t have any individual video monitors. Entertainment was given from the main screen entertainment and additional drop down monitors. This meant we had the flight safety video and the advertising telling us all about the Qantas Sydney First Class Lounge.

Qantas Short Haul Video Entertainment
In Flight Videos, Set to Mark Newson Designed First Class Lounges

Instead of in flight movies or entertainment, we enjoyed early morning sunrise views over an Australian canvass.

Morning Views over the Wing
Morning Clouds

Meal Service: A Full Breakfast

A Full Breakfast was offered on today’s flight. The selection was a choice of Muesli with Milk (in a bottle) or Eggs with Bacon, Mushrooms and a tomato ragout. I didn’t have a strong appetite given the early morning departure, but I thought that I’d better eat since you can’t turn down food when you travel.

We had another nice touch with fresh ground pepper from the mill, as offered by the flight attendant. We had friendly chat with the flight attendant on this flight about Whistler, Canada which is our second home it seems when we are not traveling. 

Eggs, Bacon and Tomato Mushroom Ragout
A Tasty Main Course with Fresh Ground Pepper

After breakfast, it was down to sparkling wine for the last of the bubbles of this particular trip. We had a long journey ahead, trying to get home on standby and attempting to make the most of the best luxury of what’s left.

Bubbles Under Morning Sun

After a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere, it was a pretty prompt approach into Sydney and we were back at Sydney Kingsford Smith Terminal 3 Domestic Gate 1B where we had departed from a few days earlier.

Qantas A380 in Qantas Hangar #245
Kangaroos at Sydney Kingsford Smith Terminal 3 Domestic

My thoughts on Qantas Short Haul Business Class:

Overall, Qantas Business was a surprisingly pleasant way to travel. It was made pleasant by a more than capable, personal and friendly crew and a great lounge experience. It was a great experience compared to the uncomfortable skinny seat intra-Europe business class, and the bland North American business class (potato chip snack basket anyone?). I’ll easily look forward to my next Qantas flights, whether they be long haul or short haul.

Do you find Qantas Business Class to be a pleasant and personable experience when you fly with them?

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