Review: Fairmont Vancouver International Airport, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada


For convenience, we decided to stay at the Fairmont Vancouver International Airport hotel. The hotel is located immediately above the Vancouver International Airport US Trans-Border departures gates. The hotel is super convenient for early morning departures, which are all too frequent from the Pacific Northwest to other parts of the United States.

This post is one chapter on our trip to Costa Rica. This trip was booked and credited to Air Canada Aeroplan and Starwood Preferred Guest (Marriott Bonvoy). For more information on how this trip was booked, please see our trip introduction here. For other parts of the trip, please see this index.

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Review: Fairmont Vancouver International Airport, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada

“The most convenient airport hotel at the Vancouver International Airport.

The property is situated immediately above US departures, “

We had a 6:57 AM departure and faced a US Customs Pre-Clearance Screening before the flight, AND we were traveling with a nine year old, so we opted for a night at the posh Fairmont Vancouver International Airport.

Booking and Getting There:

We booked direct on the Fairmont Website. The booking website was a little clunky but worked without any problems with the booking.

This hotel is directly attached to the airport and is immediately and conveniently above the US Departures area of Vancouver International Airport. 

The Fairmont Vancouver Airport situated above the airport

Arriving to the Property:

On arrival to the property, avoiding hotel parking rates, I parked the car in the regular long term parking and we took the parking shuttle to the airport.

Arriving to the Fairmont Vancouver Airport

We crossed the overhead walkway from the airport and had a polite check in process in the somewhat dark lobby.

Entryway, Fairmont Vancouver Airport
Intimate Lobby of the Fairmont Vancouver Airport
Lobby of Fairmont

The Room: Deluxe, Two Queens, Non Smoking

We were upgraded to a North facing room. These are better than the south facing rooms as the North Rooms offer a view of the North Shore mountains, and of the US and a partial view of the International aircraft operations area. If you end up on the South Side, you get a view of a rather boring parking lot, elevated subway line and a very long view to the South runway at YVR (usually used for take off’s).

Room with a View: YVR Northside Trans-border Operations

The hotel was built in mid nineties and having stayed here a few times, has been refurbished over the years. I liked it more than MrsWT73. I found it to be very comfortable. MrsWT73 wasn’t too impressed with it and found the Grand Hyatt at DFW to be much nicer for an “in airport” hotel. 

Each room was equipped with the standard Fairmont amenities, including a tripod telescope which made for some entertaining sightseeing and entertainment. 

Deluxe: Two Queens
Comfortable Pillows on each bed

The bathroom was well equipped and linked to the main portion of the room with shutters.

Single Vanity Bathroom
Shutter connection to main room
Bathtub with peek a boo views to the runway

The telescope was a hit with junior, who found it interesting to inspect the runway and the aircraft operations ongoing underneath us.

Included Telescopes!
WT73 Junior taking up a new hobby
Views from the Room


Overall, the stay at the Fairmont made for a very pleasant transition to the flight downstairs the next morning. Vancouver has several other airport hotels, but none are directly attached to the terminal. Unfortunately, Fairmont only awards loyalty points on their top rates. Most discounted rates do not earn any miles, compared to the other hotels in the area (Westin, Sheraton, Delta, Hampton and Holiday Inn). If only Fairmont was a bit more competitive on the reward loyalty program, this would be my number one choice for an airport hotel in YVR.

6 Comments on “Review: Fairmont Vancouver International Airport, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada

  1. I agree that the Fairmont YVR is a great property but what in God’s name were you doing travelling, with a child no less, in the days of COVID-19 especially when health authorities have said don’t travel unless essential? What was essential about your trip – essential means that it had to be taken right now, that it was of the utmost importance?


    • Thanks for reading, Brian.

      Thanks to the pandemic (like everyone else), I’ve had a lot of extra time. As a result, I’ve been bringing my past trips “online” that were previously documented and published on FlyerTalk.

      There is no way to “back date” the publishing date on WordPress. While the trip reads as though it occurred in January 2021, it actually occurred in August 2013; well before the pandemic dates.

      This is the same for most of the other posts, until I get up to date. I’ve got about 10 years worth of material to get through…


      • Thanks for an intelligent response and a good explanation as to how you are spending your time. Could I suggest that you add a note as to when the trip was originally taken? You write a good commentary and each that I have read are informative and fair in your analysis. There are too many of your fellow bloggers who are not only skirting the current rules / suggestions from public health offices but are overtly flaunting them. Set yourself apart from the herd. Cheers and best wishes for a return to travel later this year.


      • Thanks Brian.

        I’ve added a note in the introduction of the blog to reflect that these have been past travel trips.

        I’ve also filed these under the “2013” column of the travel directory.

        It’s all a hobby around here for blogging: No annoying pop up menus, credit card links or mailing email address lists to be sold. I have a day job (laughing).

        Stay Positive: Test Negative. . . In health


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