Review: Asiana Business Class B767-3, Incheon – Shanghai

We had a comfortable international connection from our Asiana First Class flight onto another international connection with Asiana to China. The short flight was highlighted with great food and a reasonable wine list.

This post is one chapter in our Around the World in Star Alliance First Class via China, Thailand and Spain. This trip was booked using Air Canada Aeroplan miles. For more information on how this trip was booked, please see our trip introduction here. For other parts of the trip, please see this index.

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Review: Asiana Business Class, Boeing 767-3, Seoul Incheon – Shanghai Pu Dong

“A surprisingly comfortable wide body regional flight on dated seats with better than expected catering”

This was a connecting flight off our first class segment off Asiana First Class Los Angeles – Incheon. After leaving the Asiana First Class Lounge, we wandered down to the gate to locate our next flight.

Arriving to the gate, we were among the last ones to board. We had originally booked on an Airbus 321 but we were up-gauged to a Boeing 767-300 somewhere in the few weeks prior to departure. This also meant that we were seated in a better seat than the usual recliners found on a narrow body business class cabin. 

Asiana Airlines
Business Class
ICN-PVG (Seoul Incheon International Airport – Shanghai PuDong International Airport – Terminal 2)
OZ 367 – Executive Class (J)
08:00 PM – 08:55 PM
May 6, 2012
Booked: Airbus 321
Flown: Boeing 767-300

On Board Asiana Business Class:

Asiana Business Class Boeing 767 seat
View from your seat, Asiana Business Class

The regular Asiana Business Class angle flat seat is a mixed bag. As a 6ft 2 inch person, I found the reclining slide seat to be not to my liking. I did find that as you moved the seat into the recline position, my legs needed to moved (or more accurately bent) from the bottom of the seat in order to avoid crashing against the seat in front to recline to the sleeping 168 degrees. It was very comfortable for simple reclining but it has been outclassed from some of the more modern lie flat products.

Contrasting this, Ms WT73 found it very comfortable, even if she didn’t sleep in the reclined position. IN the past, she has always preferred an a slightly angled seat for sleeping. Given the choice, I would personally choose a flat seat over an angled seat any day. Thankfully, it seems most carriers are moving toward fully flat seats in business. 

Departing Incheon

The last of the sun today at Incheon prior to departure after 16 hours of travel westward along with it. 

On board we were given a welcome drink of water or orange juice from a tray. The load was 15 out of 15 seats seated. There was no amenity kit offered but slippers were offered for the taking from a pouch in the magazine seat pocket. 

Pre-Departure Beverage

The flight map was all laid out for us for a very brief international flight across the strait.

Flight Map for Tonights Flight

For this short 90 minute flight, menus were passed out and the service could be described as “quick”. One champagne, one white and one red were offered for this flight. 

Asiana Business Class Menu
Asiana Business Class Menu

I enjoyed a glass of Cattier Brut Champagne, while considering the menu options. On the menu was a choice of two Asian courses. Being in the Asian heartland, we had left all the western options behind. 


Grilled Scallop with Mixed Greens

Main Courses:

Braised Chicken Thigh – seasoned with Bulgogi Sauce, served with vegetables, glass noodle and steamed rice.


Deep Fried Pork Loin – seasoned with oriental sauce, served with fried rice.

Sweet Potato Pudding

Coffee and Tea.

Wine List:

Champagne Cattier Brut NV

White Wine:

Seresin Sauvingon Blanc 2010 Marborough, New Zealand

Red Wine:

Heathecote Shiraz Limited Release 2009, Victoria, Australia.

Braised Chicken Thigh – seasoned with Bulgogi Sauce, served with vegetables, glass noodle and steamed rice
Branded Napkin Holders

I had the braised chicken thighs with glass noodles. 

At the conclusion of the meal service, the service director came around and personally thanked us for flying Asiana, which was a lovely touch because it seemed very genuine. 

Landing at Shanghai, I reflected on our three segment, three lounge journey today starting from Vancouver to Shanghai via Los Angeles. I had sampled 4 different varieties of Champagne (1 vintage, 3 Non Vintage) 1 vin mousseux, 2 whites, 1 ice wine and 1 red Grand Cru Classe, and glass of one of the World’s Finest blended whiskies. Indeed this “F” experience was off to a great and impressive start. The joys of long haul travel.

Arriving to Shanghai PuDong, I noticed the same thing that I saw in Incheon – a massive sleek modern airport that seemed like it could take 5 times the capacity than it actually did. It had wide concourses, moving sidewaks, all of the things that made transiting through Asian airports a pleasure, wrapped up in a slick and sleek modern appearance. Sadly, I had to admit that despite having the largest quantity of air travelers, North American airports have a long way to go to catch up to the standards of some regions around the world. 

Arriving into Shanghai, China

We cleared immigration without issue and arrived to the baggage hall. I picked up my suitcase and saw that someone had taken the time to exchange my Vancouver Star Alliance Priority tag with an Asiana First priority tag.

Rare Asiana First Class Priority Tags


The Asiana Business Class seat was more than adequate for a short 90 minute flight. The seat, while comfortable was better for relaxing than actual sleeping after coming off a long haul flight. The angle flat seat is more than dated in today’s environment and likely doesn’t have too long to live left it its life cycle. The service on Asiana, was more than pleasant with comfortable but straightforward wines and food to enjoy.

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