City Visit: Celle, Lower Saxony, Germany

City Visit: Celle, Lower Saxony, Germany

From the memorial, I headed down to Celle. Celle was recommended as a place to visit by several of MrsWT73’s Hannover colleagues. Celle has a storybook pedestrian village that allows for some great exploring.

When I arrived in the late afternoon, Christmas Market #4 was in full swing. Although the market was a bit smaller than the Hanover version, it had many more younger families. I found a place to park the Audi and went for a walk through town. Celle was a pleasant town center at dusk, which came to be even more attractive as the sun went down and the Christmas lights came on.

Christmas Markets in Celle after dark:

Celle really came alive in a magical way as the lights went down. It was such a storybook town and everything you’d imagine about visiting a Christmas village in Europe. Adding to the fact that there were no cars near the town centre, made it for an extra special experience.

As the day fell to dark and I had walked around enough to get my fill, I had a bratwurst and Glühwein for a snack.. MrsWT73 had also mandated me to pick up some Christmas cards so that she could write them on the plane on the way back. Needless to say, it’s almost impossible to pick up a stack of 30 Christmas cards in Germany. They seem to sell more of the premium varieties on an individual basis.

I left Celle and drove back the 30 minutes back to Hanover. The bratwurst street food from Celle didn’t exactly fill me up so a quick walk from the Novotel to the local Listerplatz Christmas market down the road was in order. A quick meal of snack perogies and a slice of pizza closed out the evening.


All in all, a successful day of touring around the sights and attractions that Hanover and it’s surrounding area has to offer. Surprisingly there was quite a bit more to see in this part of less visited Germany than I originally expected. It was back to the room to pack up for the next days of travel.

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