Review: Novotel Hanover, Germany

Review: Novotel Hanover, Germany

MrsWT73’s business meeting put her up at this hotel on a group rate. Overall, it was a pretty unremarkable stay. The property was well located but typical of the business hotels people stay in; well featured but not a whole lot going for it. The hotel is located in a suburban area of Hanover. We took a taxi from the Hautbahnhof which was 9.60 Euro.

Hotel Surroundings:

“A conveniently located stay that is close to major transportation lines and within walking distance to restaurants”

The hotel was unique in that it was the first hotel that I’d stayed in that had it’s own smokestack.

The lobby was refreshed, but it didn’t have to much charm. It had a more institutional but corporate contemporary look.

Standard Room – Double Bed

The room was a standard sized room. Unfortunately no suite upgrades here today. Instead we got the Euro separate beds situation happening.

There was a small mini bar that was also available. We didn’t end up partaking.

Food and Beverage:

The rate included breakfast in the hotel restaurant. This was loosely controlled as I would tend to arrive late in the morning and the staff either didn’t bother to check my room number, or were more pre-occupied with clean up to notice.


The Novotel Hanover was your typical business hotel; a place to sleep for the evening. This version was well located but not all that exciting to stay in. I pretty much minimized the amount of time I spent in the room.

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