Review: Alaska Airlines Premium Class B737-8: Seattle – Salt Lake City

This post is one chapter on our trip to Park City, Utah, United States on Alaska Airlines. This trip was booked and credited to Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan using a two for one Companion Fare courtesy of the Alaska Airlines credit card. For more information on how this trip was booked, please see our trip introduction here. For other parts of the trip, please see this index.

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Review: Alaska Airlines Premium Class, Boeing 737-800, Seattle – Salt Lake City

I had splurged for Premium Class seating for this leg. It was the start to any wonderful holiday. Despite this, Premium Class isn’t all to premium. It’s still the same economy seat with slightly more leg room.

We wandered over to the recently expanded N gates where the new flagship Alaska Lounge is under construction. As usual at SeaTac, there was a bit of a crowd around Gate N16 while we waited to board.

Alaska Airlines
AS 710 Premium Class (L)
SEA – SLC (Seattle Tacoma International Airport – Salt Lake City International Airport)
March 16, 2019
9:35 AM – 12:35 PM
Booked: Boeing 737-8
Flown: Boeing 737-8

On board, a slightly larger seat, but nothing all too exciting.

As always, there were nice views leaving seattle with the waterways all throughout the city.

While we were underway, the crew offered the usual Premium Class snack. Alaska offers a free alcoholic beverage along with designer chocolate and mixed nuts.

There were beautiful mountains on the short approach into Salt Lake and I had forgotten how pleasant the scenery was in this particular corner of the United States.

We landed were out into the Salt Lake City airport quite quickly. The baggage claim was full of school groups in uniform headed various places.

It was a quick walk up to the Hertz Ultimate Choice Aisle where we were able to pick out a large Nissan Altima with a massive trunk that was able to accommodate over size bags.

One of the best parts of Park City is that it’s remarkably close to the airport. It was a short transfer up to park city. It was less than 40 minutes on the highway on great highway infrastructure left over from the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics of 2002.

We stopped in at Whole Foods and located the liquor store to stock up our hotel for the week, quickly finding the hotel afterwards.

The Bottom Line: Alaska Airlines Premium Class

In summary, a reasonable short flight but I’d probably skip the premium class next time for something so short in duration.

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