City Visit: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

This post is one chapter on our trip to Atlantic Canada on Air Canada. This trip was booked and credited to Aeroplan. For more information on how this trip was booked, please see our trip introduction here. For other parts of the trip, please see this index.

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City Visit: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

After breakfast, with unusually no set plans for the day, I started my walking tour of the day around the inner harbor of Halifax.

I started at a weekend Farmer’s Market immediately behind the hotel. It appeared to be the place to be for this weekend. It was selling everything from local artisan crafts, to some very fresh local produce.

From the farmers’ market, I walked next door to Pier 21, the Canadian version of the United States’s Ellis Island. Many thousands of immigrants to Canada fleeing World War II passed through Pier 21 before taking the train to various new settlements across Canada.

It was a sunny winter’s day as I passed through the start of many statutes, including one of Samuel Cunard; one of the first modern cruise line leaders.

The harborfront walk had a lot of historic significance to both war ships, sailors that passed through, and immigration into Canada. These were all marked by various monuments in the area.

The Harbourfront walk continued across many waterfront spaces. It would probably be a popular space in the summer months, although it was pretty quiet on my winter walk through, along with shuttered concession stands and market spaces. One thing that it did was make the photographs look brilliant in the crisp winter air.

During the walk, I passed an entertaining wave that was completely frozen in the morning dew and the well positioned shade. There were many kids trying all day to run up to the top without any success and sliding to the ground. It was very entertaining.

I continued the walk in to a more deserted area. I ended up down at the Marriott Hotel which anchored the other end of the harbour. I passed by the local harbor pedestrian ferries

Having finished the harbor walk portion of the walk along the waterfront, I headed back into through town wandered up the hill to the citadel. The Halifax Citadel was the fort built to protect Halifax’s harbor from 1749 to 1906. The Harbour was never attacked n all those years. There was supposed to be admission to enter the Citadel but it appeared under renovation and as a result, it seemed to be free for the day.

As a fort protecting the city, The Halifax Citadel had a commanding view over the town. As I wandered down from its elevated postion, I eventually found the bar district in town. It had a mix of historic refurbished places between the new places.

Since my walk had taken less time than anticipated, I decided to walk back towards the hotel. In doing so, I passed by some unusual stores, and the brewery for Alexander Keith’s.

Halifax was a neat little town that would be the perfect spot for university students, a convention / conference stop or a stopover on the cruise ship circuit. The harbor area had enough to keep you interested for the day with enough food and beverage outlets to keep you entertained for the evenings.

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