Review: Qatar Airways Al Mourjan Business Lounge, Doha Hamad International Airport, Qatar


The Qatar Airways Al Mourjan Business Lounge at Doha Hamad International Airport is the flagship business lounge in the Qatar Airways network. Qatar Airways has built it’s airline network on connecting traffic through it’s airport in Doha. In order to pamper it’s business travelers, it’s has to maintain a competitive space. Thankfully, the Qatar Airways Al Mourjan Lounge is among the best business lounges worldwide. Read on to see how it excels at what it does…

This post is one chapter on our trip to South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Mauritius and the United Arab Emirates. This trip was redeemed through American Airlines AAdvantage & Alaska Mileage Plan. For more information on how this trip was booked, please see our trip introduction here. For other parts of the trip, please see this index.

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Review: Qatar Airways Al Mourjan Business Lounge, Doha Hamad International Airport, Qatar

“Qatar Airways’ Al Mourjan Business Lounge at Doha Hamad is one of the world’ s best business lounges and arguably the best business lounge of the Middle East Three”

Getting to Doha Hamad International Airport:

We were up nice and early for our onward journey. With a one night stay at the Westin Doha Hotel and Spa, having traveled across 12 time zones, it’s not like we had a restful, deep sleep. At about 4:45 AM, we took the hotel car again and headed back to the airport. We had some challenges finding taxi’s the last time we were in Doha so we just opted for convenience with the hotel car.

The Doha Hamad International Airport is truly impressive and rivals the best airport facilities anywhere in the world. It reminded me of the Beijing Capital International Airport for its grand spaces, with slightly more style and chic-ness.

Checking into Qatar Airways Business Class:

When we arrived to the airport, we proceeded through the separate First and Business Class check in area near door number 1. The check in is situated to the right most part of the airport on approach by car. It seems many travellers that pass through here are connecting and don’t actually get into the city. We were headed off today on our Qatar Airways Business Class Doha – Johannesburg flight. I was impressed at how large and spacious this place actually was. Similar to Etihad’s First and business Class check in area, porter service was made available for us curb side. Since we only had our carry on’s, we didn’t have any need. There were full leather couches available across from the Business Class check in desks, which were completely deserted at this early hour.

Arriving to Qatar Airways First and Business Class at Hamad International Airport
A Spacious Premium Class Check In
Heading Left for Al Mourjan Business Class Check In
Qatar Airways Al Mourjan Business Class Check In
Large Open Air Ceilings at Hamad International Airport

Locating the Lamp Bear:

As we already had our next boarding cards issued in Los Angeles, we quickly passed through the deserted and dedicated Premium Class immigration departure checkpoint. We underwent security screening and headed on towards the giant teddy bear in the main concourse. The Lamp Bear by Swiss artist Urs Fischer occupies centre stage in the grand foyer. It is a 23-foot canary yellow teddy bear sculpted from bronze, that sits peacefully inside a lamp. It is supposed to be a playful piece that reminds travellers of childhood or precious objects from home. It was my first time seeing this thing, not counting the peek – a – boo view we had on arrival. The bear is slightly morbid if you take a look at the fact that it is pierced in the back with the light that it is seated underneath.

Doha Hamad’s Lamp Bear
A Playful Teddy Bear
He’s looking a little docile
Some surprising Lamp Bear “Tear” in the back of Mr Teddy!

Locating The Qatar Airways Al Mourjan Lounge:

The Qatar Airways Al Mourjan Lounge is conveniently located up one level from the main concourse. It’s accessible via a bank of escalators just off the main concourse. It you locate the Yellow Lamp Bear you are just steps away.

The Al Mourjan Lounge with Centrally Located Access Points
Map Courtesy of Doha Hamad International Website

We headed over to the Qatar Airways Al Mourjan Business Lounge. Surprisingly, there was even a crowd at the bottom of the escalators to access the lounge as the eligibility check was at the bottom of the escalators. It seemed as though there were a lot of people asking the lounge attendants for general airport directions. As a result, it took a moment or two to navigate through the throng of people.

Access Escalators for the Al Mourjan Lounge

Accessing the Qatar Airways Al Mourjan Lounge:

The Qatar Airways Al Mourjan Lounge is the primary Qatar Airways Business Lounge in Doha Hamad International Airport.

Qatar Airways First Class and Business Class (Elite, Comfort) and One World First Class and Business Class passengers can access this lounge on a complimentary basis. Qatar Airways has recently started unbundling some of their fares and as a result some Qatar Business Class Fares do not automatically offer access. Fortunately, these basic business class passenger and Economy Class passengers throughout the network can purchase lounge access on line, at the check-in counters, preferred travel agents, or Qatar Airways’ sales offices.

Qatar Airways Al Mourjan Reception

We were scanned in at reception and granted lounge access. Today’s access was courtesy of our Qatar Airways Business Class Ticket.

Entering the Qatar Airways Al Mourjan Lounge

Inside the Qatar Airways Al Mourjan Lounge:

As we entered into the lounge, it was a tremendously impressive space. Qatar has obviously spared no expense with this facility, even dedicating several hundred square feet to a large fountain lake that occupies a featured area in the lounge. It is easily the most impressive Business Lounge in the One World network that I’ve ever had the experience of visiting. I personally found it much more impressive than the Turkish Airlines Business Lounge Istanbul which is among the best business lounges around in the competing Star Alliance network.

A Spacious Lounge with Many Seating Options
A Beautiful Reflecting Fountain in the Middle of the Lounge Space
Elegant Spiral Staircases

The lounge was a large rectangular shape that occupied two levels. The main floor had most of the seating, and the second floor had a sit down table buffet restaurant. Walking around the main floor, there were ample places to sit surrounding the elegant floor fountain.

Almost Endless Seating Options
Royal Blue Loungers

A well designed space allowed for several pods of seating. The seating was close enough for two travelling together, but not so intrusive for those travelling by themselves if they had to join another pod.

A Well Designed Lounge Area

The Lounge area also featured a raised upper level. During our visit, it contained rattan styled chairs. I’m personally not so keen on the wicker look in the elevated area but perhaps some like this style.

Stairs Towards the Raised Upper Level
Upper Level Seating

There were lots of varied seating areas with almost endless seating options and combinations.

Separate Corners of the Lounge
Almost Endless Seating

The varied seating areas and the fact that travellers were not compacted into any one small space made this place much more comfortable than other lounges that tend to squeeze in their passengers.


Food and Beverage: A Full Buffet Restaurant

As it was 5:00 AM on our visit, we headed up to the restaurant for some breakfast snacks. The restaurant area is quite large and features a double buffet and a full bar. The buffet is self service, but there is ample materials there to keep any diner engaged and interested in eating.

Breakfast Hours at the Al Mourjan
The Upstairs Restaurant Bar
Hott Buffet Items
Restaurant Seating Area
Restaurant Seating with Oversized Windows

The restaurant floor wrapped around the circular staircase and provided seating throughout the second floor. We ended up taking one of the booths away from the primary food service area.

Varied Restaurant Seating

MrsWT73 was incredibly impressed with the place. With thoughts of caged market kittens from Souq Wahif long gone, “I’m in heaven” she pronounced. Indeed, it was pretty easy to please her with all of her favourites available: Grilled Halloumi cheese, hummus, pita breads and cold cuts, paired with Rose Champagne. She was happy all around, proclaiming that this had surpassed her favourite Turkish Airlines Business Class Lounge Istanbul as her new favourite business class lounge space.

During our visit, we were able to enjoy a full english breakfast from the buffet. Unfortunately, the Krug over the counter prescription (need to ask for it) champagne free flow tap that used to be on has now been switched off permanently, but there was still regular champagne available on request from the bar. It’s aways impressive to get champagne from a Business Class Lounge and this place was no exception.

A Full English Breakfast from the Buffett with Rosé Champagne
A Happy Traveller

Surprisingly, at 6 AM when we left the breakfast area, the place was at or near capacity with few places to sit. This was obviously a reflection on how popular this place was.


Additional Downstairs Seating:

Heading back downstairs, we eventually decided on a spot prior to our flight. Qatar has iPad’s at many seats, replacing the large monitors that are in some lounges. Rose Champagne and a blackberry anyone?

iPad’s to Check Your Flight at Every Table
MrsWT73 getting a little connectivity

We also found a dining area that was smaller in size (on the main floor) that had a small, and somewhat cramped, bar. They were serving made to order panini sandwiches. Interestingly, there are no bar spaces throughout the lounge itself, although there are drink stations.

Main Floor Snack Area
Main Area Salad Bar
Panini Station
Qatar Airways B777 Views from the Lounge

We really enjoyed our time here before heading off to our Qatar Airways Business Class Doha – Johannesburg flight.

My Thoughts the Qatar Airways Al Mourjan Business Lounge at Doha Hamad International Airport:

In summary, the Qatar Al Mourjan Business Class lounge is a truly impressive facility that is at the top of its game for a business class lounge. It offered a great lounge space, terrific food and beverage, and a restaurant area that worked well. The lounge was spacious, peaceful and relaxing. I would easily consider returning through Doha for a stop over at the lounge.

If you’ve regularly on one of the Middle Eastern Three carriers, is the Qatar Airways Al Moujan Lounge your preferred lounge between Qatar, Emirates or Etihad ?

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