Review: United Club, Chicago O’Hare, Terminal 2, Concourse F


Thanks to some other recent reviews of my experiences with United Airlines and their lounges at Chicago O’Hare airport, I recognized that I had also visited the United Club Chicago O’Hare Terminal Two lounge. As the first United Club’s lounges refreshed after the lounges were rebranded from the United Red Carpet Clubs, I thought it was time to compare it with the other Chicago O’Hare Offerings.

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Review: United Club, Chicago O’Hare, Terminal 2, Concourse F, Chicago, Illinois, United States of America.

“The only United Club option in Terminal Two, the United Club offers comtemporary lounging for Star Alliance premium travellers in a compact space.”

This review is of the United Club Chicago Terminal Two Concourse F. For other lounges at Chicago O’Hare, please see this review of the United Club Chicago Terminal One Concourse C or this review of the United Club Chicago Terminal One Concourse B.

Connecting at Chicago O’Hare:

For this particular trip, I was on a personal ticket in economy class flying from Winnipeg John Richardson International Airport – Chicago O’Hare – Seattle on United Airlines. My arriving flight from United Airlines delivered me into Chicago O’Hare Terminal Two. Chicago O’Hare Terminal Two serves Air Canada, Alaska Airlines, Delta, Jet Blue, in addition to several leftover United Airlines commuter flights.

There is a small United Club out in the Terminal 2 Concourse F, which was one of the few that I hadn’t had the opportunity to visit. As a result, it was time for a review.

Locating the United Club Terminal Two Concourse F:

The United Club is located in Terminal Two. Terminal Two is a separate building and facility from United Airlines main operations in Terminal One. The two terminals are connected on the public non secure side by a tram that involves clearing TSA security to get into the terminals. I happened to arrive into this terminal on my connecting flight so access to the terminal was easy for me.

The United Club Entry located next to Gate F10

The main access point for the United Club is immediately next to Gate F10 on Terminal Two Concourse F. Like it’s sister lounge in Terminal 1, Concourse B, given it’s central location, it’s pretty easy to locate. It is the sole Star Alliance lounge in Terminal Two and should be accessible to customers flying on Air Canada departing from this terminal.

Accessing the United Club:

Access to the United Club lounge today was provided courtesy of Star Alliance Gold Status that came with an Aeroplan Elite Card. United Airlines typically does not offer lounge access on a domestic first class tickets, and like all other American lounges, offers annual lounge memberships in order to gain access on domestic ticket.

You could also potentially get access through a business class ticket another star alliance carrier, by purchasing an annual membership (or day pass), or through select USA based credit card memberships.

Inside the United Club Lounge:

The United Club Terminal Two Concourse F lounge was among one of the first United Lounges to be “refreshed” under the new brighter look and feel for United Lounges. The new look is vastly better than the old decor scheme, and brings the lounge in line with a modern more refined product.

Entrance United Club – Terminal Two Concourse F
Access to the Lounge Level

After accessing the lounge and confirming eligibility at reception, I was admitted to a small but nicely decorated place.

The new look and feel of the lounge makes for a much brighter experience. United has gotten rid of the dark earth tones and decorated the lounge in brighter and lighter colors. While the lounge is more pleasant to look at, the space is much more compact than in any other United Club at Chicago O’Hare and probably many others in the system. While I haven’t visited every location, it is smaller than the other two lounges at Chicago Concourse B, Concourse C, and all United Club lounges that I have visited in Houston and Denver. The United Club Lounge at Newark is the only one that comes close in its’ small size.

An attractive but small compact United Club lounge footprint
Funky Design Chairs that add some Personality from a brand that’s usually missing Personality
Lounge Monitors around the Bar

With the compact foot print, there were not as many lounge chairs as located in other Chicago lounges. Even though there is a smaller surface area, some chairs could still be found by large floor to ceiling windows overlooking airside operations.

Windows overlooking Terminal Two’s Commuter Jets

Food and Beverage:

The food and beverage was similar to all other United Club lounges and did not feature the refreshed food menu at the time of my visit. The centre piece of the lounge was the full service bar, which was the focal point of the room. The bar was surrounded by seated tables, which featured predominantly throughout the lounge.  

Views of the Full Service Bar
United Club Full Service Bar in the Middle of the Lounge
Dining Areas in the Lounge

My thoughts on the United Club Chicago Terminal Two Concourse F:

The United Club Chicago Terminal Two, Concourse F is a reasonable option for those travellers that have to depart from Terminal Two. It offers the new look and feel for the United Club; one of the first in the system that was converted and refreshed. Unfortunately, you may want to get here early if you’re the type that prefers to pick your favourite seat. With limited space, like others at Chicago O’Hare, it tends to fill up quickly.

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