Review: Pearl Lounge, Arrivals Hall, Marrakech, Morocco

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Review: Pearl Lounge, Arrivals Hall, Marrakech, Morocco

We entered the building and walked towards immigration. There is a strange arrivals lounge available to Priority Pass members called the Pearl Lounge so I thought we could go check it out for interest’s sake.

Accessing the Lounge:

It’s located immediately before immigration. We located the reception. Access today was granted courtesy of Priority Pass. The receptionist couldn’t get the Priority Pass electronic card reader to work so she just waved us in.

Inside the Pearl Lounge:

As soon as we walked in the door, we discovered that the place was pretty much sewn up tight.

The lights were off, there wasn’t any food to be had and the fridge wasn’t even stocked with more than one bottle of water.

I pretty much used the washroom and took the last bottle of water. It was pretty funny. I believe the facility is primarily used with their VIP Arrival Service that offers a meet and greet.

In Summary:

In summary, I wouldn’t expect all to much if a visit here in part of your plans. It’s mostly a place to get organized before venturing into the luggage hall at Marrakech International Airport Morocco.


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