City Visit: Seville, Spain – Part I

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City Visit: Seville, Spain – Part I

After our check in and a quick freshen up, we headed out to explore the town. The Hotel Alphonso XIII is well located in the middle of town and about 150 meters walk from all the main attractions. It was a warm and close walk up to the Seville Catherdral which was only about 7 minutes walk from the hotel. It was a beautiful sunny and warm day as we set out in the low thirties Celsius.

A walking tour of Seville, Spain:

We headed up to the Seville Cathedral church, and the Alcázar. We wandered over through the Barrio Santa Lucia, taking in the small alleyways of this quaint neighborhood.

A great day for strolling and taking in cafes.

There were lots of interesting alleys throughout Santa Lucia, with buildings that appeared to be mostly residential on the upper portions.

A Tapas Snack at Cervecia Cathedral:

We later wandered back towards to church. It was a bright day and we were felling peckish so we opted for a patio at Cervecia Catherdral and some tapas with a bottle of Verjedo. I had some quail egg on salmon which was to die for. MrsWT73 had some olives and fried goat cheese over balsamic that was also equally as tasty.

Visiting Plaza Neuva & Plaza de San Franciso:

We then wandered up town to Plaza Neuva and Plaza de San Franciso and the main shopping district down Calle Tetuán and Velázquez. After MrsWT73 entered and visited several shoe stores, I ended up with a Lemon Gelato to pass the time. It was also an opportunity to take a look at the Seville Catherdral and its more intricate features in the setting light of the day.

The in town area was quite interesting and continued the theme of interesting architecture.

We ended up at El Corte Ingles and then back on the opposing street back towards the Cathedral. We returned to the hotel room for a brief rest and apperativo prior to heading out to dinner.

We wandered over to Bar Cathedral which was over in a residential area of Barrio de Santa Cruz. It was identified by Lonely Planet as a top choice for local tapas. It was slightly out of the touristed area and seemed to be frequented by locals. We were the only tourists there at the time of our visit. After a tapas sampler platter, we were stuffed and rolled back home to bed.


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