Review: Icelandair Saga Business Lounge, Keflavik, Iceland

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Review: Icelandair Saga Business Lounge, Keflavik, Iceland

The Reykjavik airport at Keflavik was an older building with dated Scandinavian design. This odd design had narrow walkways with quite a few people sacked out on the ground repacking their bags.

Checking In:

We hit up the Tax Free cashier to claim the exemption on MrsWT73’s hoodie. We then headed over to the IcelandAir Saga Class check in. In a dark corner, we were promptly checked in with our bags tagged to Madrid. There was no canvass or request to show onward proof of travel despite us being on a one way ticket into the EU. We were given friendly directions on how to reach the IcelandAir Saga Lounge. It is the only dedicated IcelandAir lounge in the entire network.

Thanks likely in part due to odd flight times, cooking is apapperentlyparently prohibited in the airport. . . it must happen so often that they actually need a sign up for it. LOL.

We headed to security screening where there was a Fast Track lane that was surprisingly empty on arrival. We were though security quickly with a minimum of fuss and through another massive duty free space on the secure side.

After MrsWT73 purchased a stuffed puffin as a souvenir from duty free, we headed down the concourse to the IcelandAir Saga Class lounge. The concourse initially seemed to be for regular flights to Europe, but the airport appears to have grown substantially where the concourse and the amount of flights has exceeded the available capacity. This translated into zig and zagging around other travellers at every opportunity. For some reason, there were no seats or holding areas near the gates so lines piled up along the sides of the walls quite considerably.

Accessing the Lounge:

The Saga Lounge is immediately up one floor towards the end of the concourse. We gained access to the lounge thanks to the business class level of our IcelandAir ticket. Some Alaska Airlines status holders (MVP Gold and higher) can also access the lounge when flying economy class on an Icelandair ticket.

The Iceland Air Saga Lounge:

“The Icelandair Saga Lounge is a terrific flagship lounge. It has great space, fabulous airside views and craft food and beverage. The lounge is a must visit if you are flying Icelandair Saga Class”

The lounge is quite large and mostly square in shape. There are loungers throughout most of the lounge. Most chairs were completely empty on our daytime visit, leaving a great selection of places to sit. One of the first things that you notice when you enter the lounge are the terrific daylight views all over the concourse from all angles..

There was some retro art on the walls similar to an American Express Centurion lounge near you. The centre of the lounge has an art feature of Icelandic rock, similar to a large cairn.

The best feature of the lounge was the comfortable fireplace, which made for a popular gathering point. I can’t think of the last lounge I was in that had a fireplace designed as a living feature and not a decorative feature off hidden in a corner.

Food and Beverage:

The lounge also featured an eating area along with a snack area. The snacks were tasty but chicken wings alone weren’t large enough to replace a meal.

Another impressive area of the lounge was the ample liquor selection. On our visit, these included Reykjavik Distillery specialty liquors, Reyka Small Batch Vodka, and Tanqueray No Ten Gin among others. There were also Icelandic Gull Beers and other bottled waters.

In Summary:

All in all, a really nice lounge that happened to be completely empty on our visit. The lounge was well stocked with great drinks. It even had MrsWT73’s seal of approval; which is saying something.

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