Region Visit, Nesjavellir, Iceland

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Region Visit: Nesjavillir, Iceland

Today was get away day and unfortunately, time to leave Iceland. We had really enjoyed our visit and the opportunity to explore the various parts of the country side. For once, I actually believed that I would be returning to a country sooner rather than later.

Before we left the Ion Adventure Hotel, I took a short clamber on the hiking trail behind the hotel. It seems there are hiking trails all over the country. Everything seems to be very well marked here.

We checked out of the Ion Adventure Hotel and took a new route self driving back towards Reykjavik. We took the 435 Route immediately behind the hotel which led over a mountain pass. There were some stellar views as we crested the various hills over each small range.

The road eventually led down to Reykjavik across some large plains. The route was adjacent to the Nesjavellir pipeline facility.

We filled our Nissan Qashqai up with diesel near the airport. Our 717 km (444 miles) driven cost us 9,300 ISK ($84 USD) at a about $2 USD a Litre ($6.86 USD per Gallon). I dropped MrsWT73 off at the airport with the bags and I returned the car at the nearby Hertz lot without any issues.

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